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Advocacia Lycurgo Leite S/C

Lycurgo Leite
is a multi practice, independent and diversified law firm headquartered in Brasília, Brazil, that has been rendering counsel in almost all areas of legal practice in Brazilian and International Law and offering a full range of legal and policy matters since 1975.

Lycurgo Leite has correspondent law offices in many cities in Brazil and MERCOSUR and frequently serves as coordinating counsel for its clients, defending related cases in high stake litigation through networks of local counsel.

Over the last 30 years, Lycurgo Leite has consolidated its growth becoming a well-established firm in the areas of domestic and international litigation, corporate work and developed highly specialized professionals to practice with the utmost degree of efficiency and excellence in a full range of legal issues, being able to provide its clients with advice and assistance in all aspects of law and legal services.

The firm’s approach acknowledges the intersection of business, law and public policy and can be seen most clearly in the way complex business disputes are litigated and complete business transactions are negotiated and structured.

The firm represents domestic and foreign corporations, governments, international organizations, trade associations, nongovernmental organizations, investors, financial institutions and individuals in virtually all aspects of legal activity.
Lycurgo Leite is committed to the provision of a high quality service and dedicated to providing its services with quickness and efficiency, according to the principles of law, confidence in the concept of justice, dedication to the profession as a whole, and undiminished concern with improving its services, all with a view to providing its clients with the very best in legal services. The handling of each matter is individually tailored to the client's objectives and needs.

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