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Advocacia Lycurgo Leite
At Lycurgo Leite our goals are:

Provide exceptional service to our clients, helping them reach their objectives

Listen carefully to our clients and partner with them to achieve their objectives

Treat each assignment as if it were our first and last assignment

Help our clients to shape their future rather than react to events

Embrace diversity as a strength to our firm

View change as a new opportunity for success

Seamlessly bring together the knowledge, skills and experience to represent our clients effectively and efficiently in even the most complex legal problems

Support our profession and improve our communities, making them better places to live and work
Today, it is not enough for legal counsel to keep pace with the new information-driven economy - they must help their clients to set the pace. In order to provide such help, it is necessary that the legal counsel understands the intersection of business, law and public policy and the environmental diversity that surrounds each and every case.

Acknowledging the new path of the business world which leads to complex business disputes and the call for a creative legal counsel who is able to understand such diversity, Lycurgo Leite has different teams assigned to the many areas of law.

Partners, associates, of counsels, trainees, paralegal staff and assistants, are grouped into work teams, under the direction and responsibility of a partner, and practice their respective fields of expertise.

Each team is composed by one or more partners assisted by associates, of counsels, legal assistants, and staff personnel who are chosen from within the Firm and from their areas of expertise and, where appropriate, from experts, always targeting greater expertise in the areas to which they are assigned.

Among our clients we serve the following sectors:

Associations and Unions






Computer Hardware and Software


Consumer Products





Environmental Services

Financial Institutions


Foreign States

Health Care

Information technology

International Organizations


Medical devices


Ports and Transportation

Private Security

Real Estate
True to its reputation for independence and innovation, and bound to the highest sense of justice, Lycurgo Leite maintains an uncommon commitment to serving organizations and individuals who cannot afford to pay for legal representation.

At Lycurgo Leite, we believe the services we provide shall be of the same high caliber to all of our clients. Whether assisting a family in need or helping to establish an NGO, the goal remains the same—to make our communities better places for all to live and work.

Lycurgo Leite has taken on a diverse set of issues in the pursuance of justice and fair play. The arts, the rights of the disadvantaged, employment, and the environment are just a few of the areas where Lycurgo Leite has contributed with its best thinking and efforts.


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